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          Seafood  Entrees

Halibut Oscar...............$23.95  A moist flaky filet baked in herbed butter and wine, crowned with spears of asparagus, Crab, and Sauce Bernaise.

Local Oregon Oysters Grilled...............$18.95  Freshly shucked yaquina Bay Oysters lightly breaded then grilled.

Baked................$18.95  Freshly baked on the half shell served with drawn butter & lemon 


Sea Hag Combination King Neptune's Platter.......$21.95

Crab & Shrimp Au Gratin $21.95

If you'd like a variety of all the available tasy Pacific Coast Seafood, this is it! A virtual Sea Harvest feast.  Variety depends on current local catches.  Includes a mini shrimp cocktail.  Deepfried or SauteedA treat you'll long remember!
This Sea Hag Authentic recipe has attracted the attention of gourmets and food specialists from near and far.  Crab and Pacific shrimip simmered in a sweet cream reduction with selected wines mushrooms, scallions and sweet peppers, topped with cheddar cheese.
Crispy Coconut Prawns....$18.95 Sea Hag Crab Cakes....$21.95
Large gulf prawns dipped in a light coconut-orange batter, deep fried & topped with sweet & sour sauce.
Fresh Oregon crab mixed with green onions, red peppers and our chef's own spices.  Served with sauce Hollandaise.
Scallops.....................$17.95       deep fried or sauteed in white wine herbs and spices.
LaBouillabaisse(Bool-La-Bay) $24.95
Large Gulf Prawns............$17.95 Deep fried in our own tempura style batter or have' em sauteed scampi-style with herbs, spices and wine.

Steamed Clams In The Shell


  A Sea Hag Signature. A 2 pound bucket of tender morsels of Northwest Butterclams swimming in their natural nectar. With drawn butter.

This special seafood stew is made in the classical French traditon.  A fish bouillon seasoned with Spanish saffron and other herbs, spices and vegetables in which a variety of available fish and shellfish is gently poached
Seafood Kabob...................$21.95 Morsels of fresh filet of Salmon and Halibut, Prawns and Scallops skewered with Pineapple, Lightly marinated then charbroiled.
Stuffed Pacific Sole......$18.95 Fresh filet of delicate Pacific Sole filled with a delightful shrimp & Crab stuffing, then oven baked, laced with Sauce Hollandiaise and blanched almonds.

Whole or Half Dungeness Crab $Market Price$

Filet of "Ocean Fresh" Salmon $19.95

The King of the seas: charbroiled, baked, or poached.  Served with Sauce Hollandaise.

Served Hot or Cold with drawn butter, cocktail sauce, garlic bread and a cup of The Sea Hag's Creamy Clam Chowder. 

Pacific Halibut............$21.95 Fillet of Halibut: broiled, baked, poached or dusted with seasoned Parmesan flour then grilled.  Your choice!
Shrimp & Crab Stuffed Salmon $21.95

Fresh salmon stufeed with crab & bay shrimp and slowly baked. Served with sauce Hollandaise.

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